Premium S45 – The highest quality folding tent

Patented top product for professional and intensive use

Our top folding tent QUALYTENT Premium


The waterproof folding tent QUALYTENT Premium is our patented top product for professional and intensive use.

The roof system QUALYTENT Premium is statically certified and fire retardant according to the applicable standards (Fire classification 1).

Gazebo pieghevole QUALYTENT Classic, rosso

Our best Premium folding tent is available in 10 standard sizes and various colours.

Special shapes and custom – made products are available on request.

The mobile, flexible and modular folding tent system QUALYTENT Premium is quality 100% made in Italy!

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Accessories – Spare parts – Product catalogues

Gazebo pieghevoli QUALYTENT Village & Cottage

Accessories for folding tents and events

QUALYTENT offers a wide range of accessories that allow the extension of different structures.

Gazebo pieghevoli QUALYTENT Village & Cottage

Original spare parts

Do you need spare parts for your QUALYTENT Premium folding tent? Find the relevant card on DOWNLOAD AREA to identify the spare part of your interest and specify the part number in your request.

Gazebo pieghevoli QUALYTENT Village & Cottage

Product catalogues

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